Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you attending Black Party? Circuit Brief is looking for a review!

Winter Party 2010

What an amazing weekend! From shopping to dancing and everything in-between.

Winter Party Week 2010 started off like most, boys (and girls) busy preparing to reunite with friends, old & new. The influx of people from all over the world brought much needed visitors and their money to the South Florida area, raising money for The Task Force and the many local charities they donate the funds to!

The Welcome center was a buzz of activity, people coming in and out to pickup tickets and information for the weeks events. DJ Tap produced some nice sounds in the background for the many volunteers and committee members running around helping the party-goers.

Friday night was busier than the organizers had prepared for, DJ's Rosabel spun their musical goodness, in the end everyone was happy and the night a success for all

The Saturday night event, held at ParkWest Nightclub, was a much anticipated event for The Circuit Review. DJ's Chus and Cebellos of Madrid, Spain are one of our favorites (in the world). They didn't disappoint! The sounds coming from the speakers were amazing!

The highlight for most is the Sunday Beach Party held on the 12th street beach of South Miami Beach. Unfortunately, the real world caught up with The Circuit Review team and we had to work (yes, we actually do work) ... We would love to hear a review from those that were in attendance!

We also missed Orbit, the Sunday night closing event held at Club Space. Please help us with a review.

Along with all the dancing; Shopping and dinning were among the other activities for the week. Not to be forgotten, Sunbathing on the 12th street beach in south Beach.

Chime in on the weekend, leave a comment!